Twitch Old Username Rename and Recycling Policies

Twitch Old Username Rename and Recycling Policies


Twitch User Names are provided to the initial individual to enroll an open and accessible Username through our Re-name instrument, located on your profile configurations. “Twitch Old Username Rename and Recycling Policies”

However, User Names could be freed up for re-registration, with no notice, should:

  1. They violate particular documented Trade Marks;
  2. In an energetic impersonation (bear in mind a person enrolling your desired username is NOT an act of impersonation), or even
  3. Are no more busy, meaning, there isn’t any seeing or log activity connected to the accounts for 12 or more weeks.

With almost any account, Twitch will delete all the profile information related to the accounts (including any material ). This means any personal privacy and data content connected with one of your accounts is likely to be deleted and won’t be accessible into the new account holders.

Before altering usernames, all broadcasters should Know about a Couple of Important details and understood Problems That can impact your accounts:

  1. Your station URL won’t divert to a name.
  2. You need to upgrade the URL anywhere you’re utilizing it.

And If You’re a Partner, These also ought to be mentioned:

  1. Your revenue won’t be affected. You would like to worry a name change will lead to no lack of earnings. This is only going to impact your afternoon’s advertising revenue, as you also shifted your name; also, you won’t forever lose any revenue. Pieces and subscription revenue won’t be affected.
  2. Your username won’t be recycled. Except for special conditions, your username won’t be provided again to anybody.


As a first point, we don’t accept direct orders to work with a name related to a different account. Even in the event, you were to think that the account is dormant, such reports are subject to your username, recycling, and reuse policy.

The great thing: Twitch today extends to you an instrument to adjust your username once every 60 days.

Username changes won’t be permitted throughout a busy air and won’t be processed once an energetic VOD upload remains impending.

To Alter your username:

  1. First, browse into a Settings page and key in the username that you would like in the area.
  2. Next, click on confirm and authenticate along with your password.


Will bot balances be influenced by the username recover process for accounts that are inactive?

No typical chatbots of all kinds are going to be impacted by the recovery process. If you’re worried about your bot, then we advise that you log in to the accounts once each year. “Twitch Old Username Rename and Recycling Policies”

How can re-claimed accounts AFF-ect follow counts?

On ordinary, follow counts may probably fall.

I have an older account – please don’t delete it! Just how do I prevent my account from being retrieved?

All you have to do is log in to it! The moment you log in to your accounts, it’s automatically refreshed and taken out of the set of accounts prepared for deletion.

If my accounts are retrieved by Twitch, will the brand newest username owner get used to my advice? This username’s owner won’t ever have use of many own data, including credit card info or history that is seeing.

When can the dormant user names eventually become available?

Inactive user names will undoubtedly soon likely probably be recycled occasionally and made readily available for users in batches. Legacy user names will sooner or later be recycled included in this procedure.

Will there be a statement or set of fresh titles if a webpage stack gets to be available?

Will people find a way to modify their username as a way to bypass community or channel timeouts/bans?

No, they won’t have the ability to circumvent bans or timeouts by modifying their username.

If I rename or delete an alt account using a username I wish to alter my main account to just how long before alt accounts get to be available?

After you rename or delete your accounts, your previous username is going to soon likely probably be recycled. It is going to take no less than six weeks with this particular procedure that the username will probably add to the pool of all available user names. Typically that means that you can’t rename one account into some other account’s name you have.

Does my name change my name? (Ex: I want a CJK display title )

CJK display titles usually do not change once you change your webpage.

How can name changes affect 3rd party programs (ex: devotion bots)?

Some programs might not be in a position to comprehend your accounts anymore as soon as you’ve changed your name. You need to get in touch with the programmer of application to be certain that they support name varies. Programmers are going to have some advice about that.

I need a username which is apparently deleted/non-existent/inactive, just how can I obtain it how do I must hold back until it’s available?

Check the application, usually to discover if your preferred name is now available. We usually do not make statements when titles are discharged back to the pool, that is. In addition, we don’t take orders for certain user names to be recycled.

I want my brand name. Could I switch back?

If you shifted your own username and might love to alter back it, regrettably, we can’t facilitate this. Your name won’t be accessible again, although It’s possible to adjust your name in 60 days.

Can I really have a name that’s been prohibited?

All TOS barred user names are excluded and forever inaccessible.

I need a name which shows that “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine…” mistake on its own station page, however, the system won’t allow me to choose which name.

Why can’t you choose this name?

This usually means the username isn’t recycled nonetheless. It will be designed for users via sign up or to get users via Outlook once it’s recycled. We can’t offer you some time for when this could occur for almost any username that is particular.

“Twitch Old Username Rename and Recycling Policies”

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